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QuizCube comes with strong flexibility. You can add images, gifs, PDF’s or embed videos, podcasts, etc. thanks to the HTML editor. Even, it offers AI-Assistant to create AI-generated images. Everything is taken into consideration to speed up creating an engaging quiz.

button - create.png

Create quiz from any text or link

button - image.png

Upload images, gifs, pdf's to questions

button - file.png

Create a quiz from PDF

button - html.png

HTML editor to embed videos, podcasts, etc.

button - folders.png

Add multiple resources for a quiz output

button - ai.png

In-card AI-Assistant
for images

button - cname.png

Share link with your domain (CNAME)

button - theme.png

Theme customization

button - completion.png

Completion with scoring and conditions

button - export.png

Export & import in Excel and AIKEN formats

button - pass.png

Adding sign-up or password walls

button - webhooks.png

Automate with webhooks

Create your first quiz, test or assessment for free

Explore the Quizcube platform and create your first online quiz, test or assessment.

No credit card required.

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