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Creating quizzes from scratch is time costly. Speed up by AI Quiz Generator.

Generate questions based on your knowledge base with the help of AI.
Start simply by uploading documents, entering text, or pasting URLs
to create an AI-powered quiz in a breeze.
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How it works

Create quiz with AI question generator, share with ease, and get the results with advanced reporting.

1. Create

Make quizzes and tests instantly

Use AI to create quizzes, exams, and assessments. All from your existing content.

2. Share & Embed & Export

Deliver quizzes with different ways.

Share wih a link

Embed on a webpage

Export to Excel & Aiken format


3. Analyze

Measure performance

Obtain comprehensive report for each individual user, including all the answers given for every question.

User's Access

Set who can access and how from a wide variety of options.

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can access

This is the default setting you are already familiar with. You can also add a 'password wall' to make your quiz accessible to everyone who has the password, or add an 'input card' to collect additional information such as phone number, address, etc.


Enable access after

double opt-in

When this option is selected, learners first need to enter their email in the login pop-up that appears at the beginning of the quiz. They then receive a confirmation email containing a magic link for password-less access.


Enable access to

specific users

This feature allows you to restrict your quizzes to exclusive groups by providing invitation-only access. Simply add users, create cohorts, and then grant them access. They will receive an invitation email with a magic link for seamless, password-less access.

Everything you need

QuizCube comes with strong flexibility. You can add images, gifs, PDF’s or embed videos, podcasts, etc. thanks to the HTML editor. Even, it offers AI-Assistant to create AI-generated images. Everything is taken into consideration to speed up creating an engaging quiz.
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Create quiz from any text or link

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Upload images, gifs, pdf's to questions

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Create a quiz from PDF

button - html.png

HTML editor to embed videos, podcasts, etc.

button - folders.png

Add multiple resources for a quiz output

button - ai.png

In-card AI-Assistant
for images

button - theme.png

Theme customization

button - cname.png

Share link with your domain (CNAME)

button - export.png

Export & import in Excel and AIKEN formats

button - completion.png

Completion with scoring and conditions

button - webhooks.png

Automate with webhooks

button - pass.png

Adding sign-up or password walls


Save Time on Every Quiz with AI-Powered QuizCube

Our AI-powered quiz generator is your ticket to effortlessly crafting engaging quizzes, saving you valuable time and energy.

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